Past Challenges

We hosted the first Orbis Challenge in 2010 at the University of Toronto. Since then, the competition has continued to evolve and test competitors in different ways. See below for detail on the Orbis Challenge throughout the years.



Luminis is a territory expansion strategy game in which you grow and command a team of fireflies to illuminate tiles on a board. Winners Andy Rock and Nam Nguyen used a combination of greedy and co-operative task-based approaches.


Cyber Team Zero, a game developed exclusively for Orbis, is a tactical top-down sci-fi shooter where competitor AIs control multiple robot soldiers. The winners are Momin Daanish and Richard Seo who use a prioritized task list approach.


Bot Rampage, the first Challenge game developed exclusively for Orbis, is an original game where players control robot-like AIs that battle it out in an arena. Muhammed Anwar and Narayan Jat take first place using a behavioural state machine.


Competitors play a snake-style game where they must maneuver a snake to trap and eliminate opposing AIs. Arkady Arkhangorodsky and Christopher Chu win the Challenge using a strategy based on an optimized greedy algorithm.


We unveil our first two-player game. In this board-based game, players are asked to create strategies to outlast and kill an opponent’s AI. The 2013 Challenge is won by Japinder Nijjer and a teammate.


This year is the first year that the Challenge game changes. Competitors build AIs to navigate a maze-style game and collect the most points. The Challenge winners this year are Mark Sikora and Giuseppe Castiglione.


We come back to the University of Toronto for the second annual Orbis Challenge. Competitors play the same single-player, tile-matching puzzle game as the first year.


This is the first ever Orbis Challenge! The competition is such a success that we have been hosting it annually ever since at the University of Toronto.