Program your way to victory in a battle to build a champion video game AI.

The Orbis Challenge The Orbis Challenge

About the Challenge

The Orbis Challenge is an annual, weekend-long programming competition. Your challenge is to build an AI to play a video game in 24 hours, competing as an individual or in a team of two. The goal is for your AI to outperform and outlast those of opposing team.

Where & when

The competition will take place at the University of Toronto (St. George campus) in autumn of 2019. We are currently working to finalize a detailed schedule, check back here soon.

Inspiration for the Challenge

The Orbis Challenge was created in 2010 to inspire and encourage young people to explore their programming talents, creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Many programming competitions at the time involved writing algorithms or parsing data, but we wanted our competition to be different. In the many years since the first Orbis Challenge, new and exciting hackathons have been created, but our competition continues to be a fun and challenging event with a different slant than most.

Not a programming guru?

Not a problem! The competition has been designed to be completed by participants with a range of programming skills and experience levels. In fact, some of the past Challenge winners have been first year students.


Prizes for this year will be announced soon! Previous years' prizes include: trip to Bermuda, remote-controlled drone, 3D printer and over $3000 in spending money.